Beta Testing My Better Self, Join In?

Beta Testing My Better Self, Join In?

Growing up in the creative chaos of my parents' world — mom, an arts teacher with theatre design dreams, and dad, a pediatrician who spent all his free time on music and animations — felt like living in a constant brainstorming session. They were incredibly talented, each lost in their art, trying to make ends meet in '90s Russia.

Home with family when mom was still with us

As cool as it was, it also showed me the flip side —how hard it was for them to support each other amidst their struggles. It wasn't just about money being tight; it was about missing chances to lift each other up instead of getting tangled in fights. This struck a chord with me, illuminating the power of support. I developed a determination to build the support systems I saw were missing in this world.

Fast forward to my days with King Of Bongo, where funk and soul weren't just music genres but vehicles for creating a world where people could lose themselves in dance and unity. Collaboration wasn't a buzzword; it was our reality, with every show a melting pot of musicians and dancers.

With King Of Bongo musicians and dancers

Then came ELK Academy, where learning English was about unlocking dreams—be it working at Spotify or funding a startup in the U.S.—making the 'why' behind the 'what' our true quest.

With ELK Academy teachers

With Relevant, we embraced the title of "global co-founders," diving headfirst into the ethos of #dothings and iterating together, attacking the most complicated challenges head first. Extracting lessons from each success and failure and bringing the insights back to the community so that we can iterate again.

With Relevant Customers

But here's the catch: my eternal optimism and go-getter attitude sometimes mean I miss the mark on timing or fail to spot tensions brewing. It's a blind spot I'm keenly aware of and actively working on. Discovering talks behind my back is painful, and I'm committed to addressing and fixing these issues together.

So, let's talk. Directly. If there's something on your mind, reach out. Here's my Calendly for a chat over coffee, and for those who'd prefer to stay anonymous, I've got you covered too

Juggling roles as a founder, father, and traveler, I've been guilty of letting messages slip through the cracks. I'm doubling down on communication, carving out daily slots just to catch up, and leaning on my team more to make sure I'm present and responsive.

I know I can be a whirlwind of energy and ideas, sometimes coming off as if my perspective is the only one in the room. It's a misconception I'm eager to correct. My door is always open for you to tell me I'm wrong, and I'm committed to embracing feedback with an open heart and a keen mind, ready to grow from it.

To those who've felt unheard or sidelined, let's clear the air. Over a meal (my treat), let's transform criticism into creative solutions, starting with an honest conversation.

Let's turn potential conflicts into opportunities for collaboration. It's not about conceding; it's about recognizing that we're at our best when we're building together, understanding each other, and fostering an environment where everyone feels seen and supported. I want us to share stories about how we're making these changes a reality. Let's work together—we'll all be stronger for it.

I’m aiming for a noticeable upgrade in the ‘being a better human’ software. Feedback welcome, bug reports even more so!

Beta Testing My Better Self, Join In?